IL DUBBIO as a psychological journey through the creative process

Have you ever questioned your worth? Have you ever tried to prove yourself to an invisible force? The greatest masters of all time have lacked conviction and doubted themselves. But what if doubt was the key to their genius? 

Il Dubbio is a VR interactive experience that explores doubt in the creative process and how it shapes ideas into form. It is a journey into the minds and studios of Leonardo da Vinci and three contemporary artists, which use doubt in their practice. The experience brings to light that infamous feeling that we don’t speak of but which often defines some of the secrets of creativity.

The experience starts with a visit to Leonardo’s small studio in Rome, where he is going through a low artistic moment that uncovers all his insecurities.

While we never see Leonardo, we can fully perceive his presence. It is in the voices around us, in the lights and shadows coming from the other room, and in those we ourselves cast on his workplace using candles that are offered to the user as a way of discovering the scene.

Through these elements we are made witnesses of his struggles, but we can also interact with some of the objects that filled his artistic life.

Il Corriere de la Sera article about the experience can be read here.