Il Dubbio Episode II - OVERLAT
Interactive narrative immersive content
Virtual, Reality, Augmented, Narrative, Immersive, Virtual Reality

Il Dubbio is a VR library of artists’ doubts, an exploration of the timeless relationship between artistic expression and doubt. In Episodio II, Kenyan painter Beatrice Wanjiku reflects on the loss of her mother and how it has put in question her identity as an artist, shaping her work. The experience brings to light that infamous feeling that we don’t speak of but which often defines creative work.
Here at Overlat, we took care of all the technical and artistical needs of renowned VR director Matteo Lonardi. This second chapter of the Il Dubbio documentary series was particularly challenging as the style of Wanjiku pointed us to very expressive traditional media – so we developed the whole chapter on Unity and all the art was done in Tiltbrush.


You can have a look at the trailer here: